Since the 1980s, the issue of school inclusion has become increasingly important in international educational discourse. At the same time, social inclusion has emerged as a key concept in social policies around the world. In the United States, diversity and inclusion in higher education has been a key issue since the early 2000s and in European discourse since the mid-2010s. In parallel with the research and development in public education, it has become clear in the higher education context that ensuring quality education and raising the level of academic excellence is also linked to the issue of inclusive excellence. In line with international trends, research and development activities have also started at theUniversity of Pécs, where this approach is present. The mission of the Inclusive Excellence Research Group (hereinafter referred to as IERG) is to extend this presence to the fields of research, development, training and practice - within the framework of a single organizational unit - and to keep it continuously operating. The new research group will thus become a trans- and interdisciplinary workshop of the University of Pécs, including the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which will not only conduct exploratory theoretical and applied research but also apply research results to strategic and tactical areas of development, and help with practical implementation through training services and other forms of organizational services. The research team will also establish partnerships and collaborate with national and international research groups and service centers in the field of inclusive excellence.

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