Wlislocki Henrik College


The Wlislocki Henrik College (WHSz) was founded in 2002 with a mission to provide personalized support to disadvantaged Roma/Gypsy students entering the University of Pécs. WHSZ not only provides academic mentoring for students but also strengthen their cultural identity by welcoming them to a mutually accepting, inclusive community. Most students are from the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Sciences because these two faculties have a higher proportion of Roma and disadvantaged students, but students from the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Law are also welcome to participate and apply for membership. Our most well-known events are the Autumn and Spring Home Conferences, the WHSZ Academic Night (Szakest) in May, and a myriad of knowledge-sharing and research opportunities that help promote students' academic progress. The complex scholarship program, project tutoring and mentoring system, monthly team building and project weekends, study trips abroad and language courses all provide opportunities to experience both the professional and the social aspect of university life. In the future, WHSZ intends to place a stronger focus on the professional and academic support of students, and will pay special attention to finding and mentoring high school students in order to help them successfully enroll in UP.

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