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The Campus Legal Aid Clinic (CLAC) is an organization operating at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs, in the framework of which law students help the citizens of the University of Pécs to solve their legal problems with the participation and supervision of professional mentors. CLAC provides free legal aid to both Hungarian and international students, so administration is possible in Hungarian, English and German. Based on the feedback of international students, it can be stated that it is a serious support for them to be able to get solutions to their problems from Hungarian students in a foreign cultural environment, within an organized framework.

The aim of the organization is to provide all students of UP with access to legal aid.

The beauty of its operation is that the legal opinions to be prepared for applicants provide an excellent development opportunity for law students in the professional field. For the first time, law students participate in a practice-oriented training form called the Law Clinic, which appears as a differentiated subject. Students who complete course I. and II. may become members of the Campus Legal Aid Clinic organization. During their training, they acquire the theoretical and practical foundations for case management and develop their case management / resolution skills, which are of paramount importance in preparing legal opinions, in addition to their high level of foreign language skills and other legal knowledge acquired at university. Legal opinions are prepared in a group of students, which also develops their cooperation competencies.

How can I apply for legal aid?

The answer is simple: contact CLAC with confidence if you have any legal issues.

CLAC aims to help rights seekers get access to justice, regardless of the subject matter of the legal problem. Nothing proves this more than the fact that since the existence of CLAC in 2016, students from many countries have been looking for solutions to 180 different legal problems. The number of cases has been steadily increasing over the years.

It is true that the most common case is the preparation of opinions on disputes arising from a lease, but CLAC members have undertaken and will continue to prepare opinions on other matters, for example:

it is not uncommon for opinions to be given in criminal matters

Immigration cases also arise frequently, as the vast majority of CLAC help is sought from international students, so members are often confronted with residence permit issues.

CLAC members also help to create startups

they also provide assistance to a claimant who has violated his or her right to privacy

Applicants to CLAC need to send an e-mail to jogklinika@ajk.pte.hu with a short description of their legal problem, which will be contacted by members within 1-2 days of receipt. CLAC is actively present on social media: it can be found on Facebook and Instagram under the name Campus Legal Aid Clinic, where it publishes important information about its operations and affairs. Its members represent the organization every year at the Prevention and Orientation Days of the Faculty of General Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, the Faculty of Economics, and the Faculty of Law.

Head of CLAC: Dr. Füzy Tibor

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