Talent Spot - Faculty of Business and Economy


Professional leader: Dr. Sipos Norbert

Office leader: Hargitai Ildikó

Location: PTE Faculty of Business and Economy, Pécs, Rákóczi út 80, 7622 B129-es iroda

Talent Spot, working at the Faculty of Business and Economy, aims to help the students who face obstacles in their studies to prevent their dropout, while decreasing the dropout rate at the Faculty. The office also develops the competences - mostly job market competences - of the students with their staff that consists of educators and mentoring students.

The professional leader of the Talent Spot is Dr. Nobert Sipos university adjunct, the office leader is Ildikó Hargitai professional manager, coach and trainer, the work of the office is assisted by two student colleagues.

In the mentoring program of the Talent Spot, 20 qualified mentor educators, 7-8 PhD students are participating voluntarily. All of them have exceptional attitudes and they are conscientious in helping students. With their lead in every semester 10-15 university students become mentors in the elective course called Mentoring in Theory and in Practise.

The mentoring teachers besides the individual mentoring organize workshops 10-12 occasions a semester, with different topics (presentation, stress management, cultural differences, preparing for the job market, learning methodology, GPOP, networking, career). The topics are continuously extended based on the interests of students. There is also a coaching service among the services of the Talent Spot held by four qualified coaches.

From the school year of 2018/2019 foreign students were included in the program via three half-day long International Sensitization Trainings for the educators working with foreign students and the administrative colleagues of the Faculty. The mentors organize the workshops about different topics (Introduction to Faculty Life, Culture shock and mitigation, Preparing for exam period) specialized for both Hungarian and international students, also the semester starts with a training called Intercultural Team Building.

The participating mentors share their experience three times a semester in the Mentor-club. The future mentors are participating in a mentor training program also the trained mentors are furtherly given courses by professionals and partners of enterprises helping their continuous development.

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