Szinapszis Mentor Programme


During 2018/2019 the Inclusive University tried to connect enthusiastic student college members with talented high school students, who would like to get to know the University of Pécs better before applying to the institution. This was carried out at the Szinapszis Mentor Programme.

Twelve enthusiastic university students (belonging to 5 student colleges), ten students of the Gandhi High School, and five students of the Leöwey Klára High School entered the programme. Mentors had met the students twice a month on average, usually visiting campus events and university courses, while sometimes they also took part in freetime activities together.

A common programme was the Flashmob for Diversity, where every student participated. On 28 March 2019 the university students visited Gandhi High School and did a team-building workshop and in-phase evaluation of the programme.

We would like to organize further programmes at the end of the semester. Some of these are:

8 May: a banner-painting event at the Department of Educational Sciences. On the same day we are expecting participants at the opening of our Art Project's exhibiton.

10 May: we are expecting high school students to participate at the 5th Horizons and Dialogues Conference, where they can see what a conference is like and get to know the scientific part of the university. From 8 pm the Romology Evening at Maláta Bistro&Sörbár will provide leisure programmes (quiz, activity, team-building games, etc.)

For the second week of June we are planning a hike in the vicinity of Pécs. Further information coming soon!

Students from Henrik Wlislocki Student College and the Future Teachers' Students College participate in a mentor program in the 2018/2019 academic year. They help talented students from Gandhi Secondary School and Leöwey Klára Secondary School. The aim of the mentors is to encoruage students to study at the University of Pécs in the future and give them an insight about university life.

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