Support Service (Rector's Office Education Directorate)


Head of Office: Csaba Magdali

Location: PTE Faculty of Humanities - 7624, Pécs, Ifjúság út 6, Building A, 130

Support Service provides services to students with special needs (eg, disabled, dysentery, living with autistic spectrum disorder) studying at all the faculties of the University of Pécs (PTE). An eight-member professional team assists students in their studies, provides special education development, physiotherapy, mental health support and solves their transportation and escort if needed. Foreign volunteers also help with their work, providing regular language courses, film clubs, and talk programs for any PTE student to attend, so they also help with integration. Every year there is a Christmas party, a spring cooking in Malomvölgy, a board game club, but they also look for opportunities for special programs such as an integrated dance performance, community wall painting. Specialist language teacher education and training for foreign language education for students with special needs is considered a major challenge and a future plan.

Mission Statement of the Office:

Support Service aims to help the disabled citizens of the University of Pécs in their individual lives and especially in increasing their accessibility to (public) services, and education services.

The services of the office decrease the disadvantages of the disabled students, help social inclusion and equality, to support successful academic results and preparation to the job market.

The responsibilities of the office:

Support Service's primer task is to support the disabled students of the university by helping them in their studies and transportation, giving them consultation about mental hygienic and health services, also they provide consultation about social life and the possibilities on the job market.

The Support Service helps in digitalizing lecture notes, renting special devices, using the library, also its microbus is available for the disabled students. The aim of the Service is to foster and preserve the mental health of the disabled students, for that a mental hygienic professional is responsible for preventive, health sustaining, developing and mental hygienic activities.

To prepare students for the challenges of the job-market the Service organizes, and hosts programs, collects job offers and guides students which helps the successful integration.

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