Social Inclusion College for Advanced Studies (BTK)


College leader: Koller Inez Zsófia

Location: PTE Faculty of Humanities - 7633, Pécs, Szántó Kovács János u. 1 / b.

The Social Inclusion College for Advanced Studies was re-established in its present form in 2016. The previous team, led by Éva Mazzag, finished several successful years. Their aim was to extend civil and social inclusion on the level of the institutional sphere, and they focused on making the processes of social inclusion transparent. Their acknowledged results provided them with valuable foundations that embedded the college in the public domain. The college, which has been reorganized with new members, continues to represent the same values ​​- social inclusion, equal opportunities, anti-discrimination - in a new way. They focus on the development of the attitudes of the younger generation, which they seek to achieve through methodological tools. Their aim is to provide a moralistic but repackaged, interesting, and exciting form of familiarization with any disadvantaged group in society and the development of attitudes towards or related to it. Besides their commitment to the values they represent creativity is essential for the members. Their event in which they present their academic work, the Future-Image Workshop, is dedicated to the above goals, besides the Social Inclusion College for Advanced Studies aims to appear at as many national and international competitions, conferences and other events as possible with their methodological innovations. 

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