Mission statement


The University of Pécs Inclusive University is a value-oriented, open-minded and inclusive organization as an intellectual workshop of the country and the region. It seeks to reinforce and extend this approach to all citizens of the University and those involved in its services.

As an organizational unit, the Inclusive University, as an umbrella organization, coordinates, reinforces, extends and coordinates inclusive good practice across faculties and units. It facilitates the communication and collaboration of inclusion programs, while supporting the practical implementation of inclusion through its own programs, events and services.

The Inclusive University promotes a more successful education for PTE students, prospective students and the well-being of all PTE citizens by creating a diverse, inclusive university environment. By doing so, he wants to strengthen the University's individual image and focus on its local values, thereby increasing the unique position of the University of Pécs in the higher education market.

The Emerging University, with its emphasis on inclusive academic excellence and the theoretical and practical implementation of complex development for inclusion, is of paramount importance to PTE, with the aim of educating our students to become outstanding professionals.

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