Krisztina Szabadfi Talent Development Program, Szentágothai János Protestant College (TTK)


Dean's Office: Gábor Zag

College Director: Dr. Zsolt Ákos Hatvani

Location: PTE - 7624, Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6.

Departments of the Krisztina Szabadfi Talent Care Program (SZKTP) have been operating at the Faculty of Science (TTK) for more than 10 years, of which two scholarships were announced in 2018; the Talent Scholarship, which provides one-off scholarships for talented first-year students, and the Publication Scholarship, which supports the publication of a peer-reviewed article, chapter, or book. In addition to these scholarships, the Program also includes the Sport Scholarship, the Creative Zone and the Tutor Network. The Program aims to support talented Bsc, Msc and PhD students, mainly through scholarships. It is also important to mention that the Szentágothai János Protestant College for Advanced Studies aims to provide transdisciplinary training mainly for students of the Faculty of Science and gives professional and financial support for research programs to support publication and conference participation. The College annually hosts a multidisciplinary conference, a camp, a Christmas fundraising event, besides, it also offers occasional programs, such as meetings in Cafes, and participation on the annual Education exhibition. Fellow students participate in scientific and community programs and are members of an excellent community.

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