Henrik Wlislocki College of Roma Students for Advanced Studies (Faculty of Humanities)


College leader: Fanni Trendl

Location: PTE Faculty of Humanities - 7624, Pécs, Ifjúság út 6, Building D, 3rd floor

The priority task of the Wlislocki Henrik College of Roma Students for Advanced Studies (WHSz) operating since 2002 is to provide personalized assistance and support to Gypsy / Roma university students in their academic studies and career. Besides the College as an inclusive community makes the cooperation real and contributes to the mutual recognition and acceptance of different cultures.

Although most of the college students apply to the College from the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Sciences, students from the other Faculties are actively involved (e.g. Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Medical School or Faculty of Law).

Dedicated lecturers and professors are involved one-to-one or in small group mentoring and tutoring, also foreign students awarded the Fulbright scholarship provide different activities, language classes and camps for the students.

The students' academic studies, career and a strong commitment to the University and the College are enhanced by participation in the outstanding events of the College Evenings, the annual Home Conferences, and the other knowledge-sharing events. The EU or nationally funded complex scholarship and tutoring-mentoring system, the project weekends, the language courses, and the field trips all encompass socialization of the disadvantaged university students.

Visions of the future:

The activities of the College will be more focused on scientific and professional development of the students.

Besides the existing personal support to university students a significant new ambition of the College is mentoring high school students to successful admission to PTE.

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