Health Psychology Counselling


Service for the Welfare of the Students

Office Manager: Dr. József Varga

Location: University of Pécs, Faculty of Medicine - 7624, Pécs, Szigeti út 12. Department of Behavioural Sciences

Health Psychology Counselling's service is intended to offer counselling to students enrolled in the Hungarian, English and German programmes in the Faculty of Medicine and seeks to render professional assistance to students struggling with a lot of challenges and difficulties evolving from potential changes and upheavals in their personal lifestyles and studies.

Professional counselling is available for individual and to small groups. The service is provided by the experts of the Department of Behavioural Science free of charge and guarantees complete discretion.

In defining the expression, 'counselling', emphasis is placed on partnership, communication, and the acceptance of responsibility and the acknowledgement of maturity.

The pursuit of acquiring the immense skill sets required of young practicing Physicians is considerably challenging and their personalities are more deeply affected. They face learning difficulties, stressful exams, anxiety, repeated failures. Encountering a new spectrum of socio-cultural experiences and routine challenges associated with life, potentially create a barrier towards studying.

In recent years, the number of participants in all three programs has increased, which has also led to an increase in the number of individual consultations. Usually three to six sessions can help students re-establish control of their lives and maximize their potential towards acquiring harmony, balance and the sense of well-being.

The service does not involve treatments requiring a doctor-patient relationship and/or therapy, and do not generate diagnoses or prescribe pharmaceuticals

Several brief training programs for small groups of students or instructors and staff are offered on request on selected topics such as learning techniques, relationships, or relaxation exercises. The EPC focuses on public appearances and is therefore present on the JS faculty website, in the printed university press, on Facebook, and at Orienteering Days and other events.

How can you apply for consultations?

You can reach the website of the Faculty of Medicine, read about the program in printed university journals, or search on Facebook for more information, also you can meet the members of the Health Psychology Counselling on the Orientation Day and other events.

Appointments for counselling can be made by email only. A member of the staff will reply, and provide a suitable appointment with one of the psychologists or psychotherapists for the first meeting. 

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