Forum, 19.11.2020.


The Inclusive University Coordination Office held its fifth Forum with the participation of the leaders of the inclusive programmes at the University of Pécs. The Forum was organized online, on the platform of Teams, to which the participants attended 19th of November 2020, 14:00-15:00.

On the Forum the following topics were discussed:

The advancement of representation:

The team of the Inclusive University Coordination Office has reported about the achieved and planned activities since the last Forum.

The Institution informed the audience about the cooperation of the Inclusive University and the Committee of Equal Opportunities.

During the Forum, the advancements and plans of publicity were presented:

The Inclusive University gladly presented its first video-material, which was created based on an interview with Csaba Magdali (Support Service Office). After the presentation, the Office asked the leaders of the programmes for interviews for increasing publicity.

The Coordination Office introduced its renewed website and other online platforms.

Dr. habil. Aranka Híves-Varga, head of research of the Inclusive University presented the institution and research team's precession about the macro-statistical research of the University of Pécs.

The organizers of the event were delighted that after a long break the Forum was held again and are grateful for the participation and cooperation of the leaders and representatives of the inclusive programmes. 

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