English-German Student Council


Office Manager: Anikó Berta

Location: PTE Faculty of Medicine - 7624, Pécs, Szigeti út 12, 2nd floor

PTE EHÖK (Students' Council) and EGSC mutually cooperate to provide an effective representation and protect interests of all students studying in foreign language programs at the University of Pécs Medical School (PTE ÁOK) and the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy (PTE GYTK). The board of directors of EGSC consists of the group leaders and the year-representatives from the English and German programs of the faculties.

EGSC supports the principle of equal opportunities and promotes the acceptance of diversity and multiculturalism. For this purpose, a number of multicultural events and programs are organized including Hungarian and international students, such as:

  • White Coat Ceremony: This event officially marks the end og the basic module and the beginning of clinical studies. Each third-year student is presented with their own white coat with the school logo from the dean.
  • Oktoberfest
  • Cyclists' Breakfast
  • Prevention Day
  • International Evening, that attracted thousands of PTE students on the 27th event
  • Motivational Speech event, which hosts famous speakers of exciting topics every year.

Toward creating truly inclusive environment a calendar and a multicultural recipe book ("50 Delicacies on Earth") were published respecting and reflecting the cultural diversity at the university.

As a voluntary work the EGSC supports children living in mostly deprived families.

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