Challenge: Evaluation of the Roma Student College Project in Pécs (2015) - volume of research papers


Lector: Orsós Anna 

Editor: Varga Aranka 

Translation: Szabados Péter 

Design and layout: Kiss Tibor Noé 

The Wlislocki Henrik Student College that commenced its activities in co-operation with the Department of Romology and Sociology of Education at the University of Pécs in 2001 was given a unique opportunity of EU funding in January 2013 so that it would launch a complex project with the length of two and a half years to assist its wide range of activities aiming at the support of underprivileged, mostly roma/gypsy students in their progress in higher education studies. The project under the name 'Complex service development for underprivileged students provided by Wlislocki Henrik Student College' with the serial number code TÁMOP 4.1.1.D-12/2/KONV implemented its activities between 1 February, 2013 and 31 August, 2015.

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