The Inclusive Excellence Research Group (IERG) has been established with the following goals:

  • to preserve and maintain the initiating role of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for the university-level implementation of the Inclusive University initiative, providing research, strategic and service profile background to ensure the manifestation of the Mission Statement objectives of the University of Pécs;
  • to map out existing and planned program elements, programs, their developers and implementers, and to establish a common research and development framework involving decision-makers, active stakeholders and identified key student groups;
  • to unite and support the research staff working on inclusive excellence at the University of Pécs, and to promote research on inclusive excellence within the departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • to organize a faculty forum dedicated to providing opportunities for dialogue, workshops, joint research, strategic development and training;
  • to strengthen interdisciplinary research efforts in the field of inclusive excellence in the national educational discourse, and to ensure international visibility of IERG's research projects;
  • to inspire researchers to apply for funding opportunities (i.e.: grants and tenders), especially for research projects that involve university students.
  • to develop and provide evidence-based tools that help foster a culture of diversity and promote an inclusive environment, which will improve the quality of education and will ensure a higher level of academic excellence for our faculty and for the university as a whole.
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